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Clenbuterol is a prescribed drug to treat obesity. The Clenbuterol (Clen) was designed to treat asthma. The Clenbuterol has amazing fat burning capacities. The effective drug can enhances the fat burning rate quickly. The powerful fat loss drug Clenbuterol helps to reduce fat which increase the ratio of Fat Free Muscle to Fat Mass. The Clenbuterol has Thermogenic effect which enhances the body temperature by 2 to 3 degree to enhance fat burning. The Clen enhances the glycogenolysis, which enhance glycogen breakdown. The Clenbuterol releases the glycogen in the blood, which reduce the absorption of glycogen in the human body.

The Clenbuterol reduce the fat from the user for energy production, for their excretion and recycling of molecular components. The bodybuilders and athletes want to get lean and ripped muslce, Clen is the suitable drug for them. The powerful drug reduces fat, which enhances the catabolic performance. The powerful fat loss drug Clen is used with other anabolic steroid to get lean muscle.


  1. It is used get lean muscle.
  2. Treat asthma.
  3. Used as the best slimming pill

Side effect:

The Clenbuterol has no major side effect. Overdose of the Clenbuterol causes itching and Acne.


One or two oral Clenbuterol tablet daily.

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